Welcome to the new and improved website. This is not a major revision, but the website is slightly more organized and some rarely visited pages have been removed.

The forums have also been updated and reorganized making it easier on the user to navigate. Take a look around and let me know if you like the new look.


For those who are new to the website, or who may just be curious, I thought I would present the history of how and why the RANS CLAN was started.

In 2001 when I was building my first RANS airplane (an S-10 Sakota) I met Clark Irwin and Eric Humes who were building an S-7 and an S-9 at the same time. All three of us needed a hangar so we built a very nice 64' x 40' hangar in PA. It was Eric who first called us the "RANS Clan".

Back in early 2000, there wasn't much available as far as help with building a RANS airplane. I turned to the VansAirForce.net website many times to ask questions. I was amazed at the community that was available for RV builders and wanted the same thing for RANS builders.

The only place available were the RANS Yahoo! Groups which were an incredibly terrible forums platform. So, not really knowing much about making websites, I designed a crude website, called it the RANS CLAN, and somehow managed to publish it on the internet. For many reasons, it only lasted for six months or so.

Fast forward to 2007 when I bought my RANS S-6S kit. This time I had a little more experience with websites and by now, the VAF website had grown not only into a nice small business, but also into an incredibly useful resource for RV builders.

If no one else was going to make an online community for the growing list of  RANS builders, then I was going to do it! I had two reasons in mind; First, I wanted a place where I could go to ask questions as I was getting started on my S-6S project. Secondly, the VAF was earning money, and if I could also provide RANS builders an outstanding product that has real value, then I could also earn some money to help pay for the S-6.

So now I was serious about making a new website for RANS builders and flyers. I called Doug Reeves and asked lots of questions about how he started VAF and how I could build the RANS CLAN into something similair. Doug was kind enough to walk me through how he got started!

I was on my way. The RANS CLAN was back on the internet, and still kind of crude. But, over the years as I gained experience in websites and working with code, the RANS CLAN has become a more useful, more visually pleasing website. All the way up to this revision 4.0.


So where is the RANS CLAN going? I think we are going to be around for a long time. This website has grown tremendously over the years and now requires real money and lots of time to host, publish, and maintain.

I absolutely enjoy creating and maintaining this website, but please realize that it is also a business and like all other businesses, it has to generate an income to survive. The RANS CLAN earns money from those of you who donate, and also from advertisers. We need both of you to survive.

Every year in November, I ask for a small donation. If you use this website and forums often, please consider supporting it with a yearly donation. Also, when you buy products from the advertisers, it is very important to let them know that you saw their ad on the CLAN. The support of the paying advertisers is critical to the success of the CLAN. Please let them know that they are spending their advertising dollars in an effective place!

As always, your feedback is appreciated. If you like the website, let me know. If you don't like it, please let me know why. Many of your past ideas are now incorporated into this website.

-Thank you and welcome to the CLAN!