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Welcome to the #1 online community of RANS builders and flyers. The RANS CLAN was started in 2007 as a way for like-minded RANS enthusiasts to get together, tell stories, share knowledge, ask questions, and offer support and assistance to fellow builders and flyers. Please join us!

Mark Pensenstadler

News From RANS:

It has been a busy week at RANS preparing for Airventure 2017. And we are happy to announce we will be bringing an S-21, at least the fuselage and partial tail, for static display in our booth. This static display will be excellent for the up close look at how this fast build plane is going together. Also in our booth will be the Raven with the S-21 metal wings. We are using our demo Raven as a test bed to validate the performance of the new wings. Please stop by to take a look at all the new and exciting innovation happening in the RANS booth 620-621, in the Homebuilt area (close to War Birds) in the North Static Display area, at Airventure 2017 in Oshkosh WI.



S-20 with Metal Wing: Flight Report



RANS S-21: High Points of Dual Spar Design

Load Sharing

In a two spar wing the load is shared between the spars. In the outbound 75% of the load is on the front spar and 25% on the rear. In the case of a single strut single spar wing the rear spar has to be there anyway, so why not share the load. This reduces the weight and size of the main spar. It also positions the front spar to the leading edge of the wing that allows more advantages…read on.

Cabin Entry

The front and rear spar locations are conveniently located where you would want the door posts. This allows for big doors for easy cabin entry and cargo loading.

Fuel On Center of Gravity

The wide spar spacing allows the wing tank to be located near the center of gravity. This minimizes CG movement between full and empty tanks. The CG of the wing tank is kept as close to the wing root as possible, keeping weight near the aircraft centerline.

Pre-formed leading edge

By including the leading edge in the front spar extrusion, the need to bend and fight a sheet metal leading edge is eliminated. The extra thickness of the leading edge provides a robust structure to resist bird strikes and hangar rash.

Ease of Assembly

Perhaps the hallmark of this design is the ease of assembly. In a matter of hours you will have a completed wing. This is due to a high level of pre-fabricated parts ready to assemble, and having an overall design concept that eliminates many of the critical and time consuming elements of sheet metal wing construction.


RANS S-21 Download
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