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Welcome to the #1 online community of RANS builders and flyers. The RANS CLAN was started in 2007 as a way for like-minded RANS enthusiasts to get together, tell stories, share knowledge, ask questions, and offer support and assistance to fellow builders and flyers. Please join us!

Mark Pensenstadler

Installing a Panel Mounted iPad

My original plan for the instrument panel was to use two Dynon HDX screens. As the panel design progressed, for a number of reasons I chose to use one HDX screen and an iPad running foreflight.

I mounted my iPad with a mount and power supply from Guardian Avionics. I originally just bought the actual mount and installed it in the panel. My plan was to hide a USB port behind the panel where I could plug in the iPad. After speaking with Ryan from Guardian at Oshkosh, I decided to order their full system (minus the mount since I already had that.)

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RANS S-19LS Like new; Factory built. 134 hrs TTA&E. TrueTrak II A/P, KY-97A, KT-76A, Garman GPS, Integrated Strobes & Nav lights. Always hangar-ed. Factory Cost $143k. Many extras included. Sacrifice at $82K. Contact Robert C. Blaue, Owner - located Merritt Island, FL USA Telephone: 321 459-2637(H)   321 749-0065(C).




Welcome MWfly


MWfly Engine

Please welcome MWfly Aeropower to our website and community. METALWORK was founded in 1994 by Guido Fantini and Stefano Marella-both graduates of the Milan Politecnico in Aerospace Engineering. The goal of the company was to produce an engine for the L.S.A. (Light Sport Aviation) market.

In 2011 , MWfly started manufacturing and selling the B22 MWfly engine and at the same time MWfly was founded. The development of the engine, however, did not end in 2011. With feedback from users and the market, the engine is improved in all areas, further improving reliability and performance. In 2013, on the request of a Russian client, we started the development of the B25 engine that has quickly become our best-selling product. Since 2011 the know-how of MWfly has grown exponentially and the progress made by MWfly in the areas of the production, design and assembly phases has elevated the quality of today's product.

To date more than 100 engines have been produced, 10 have been used for R&D and marketing activities the rest have been sold.

Please visit their website by clicking on the ad on the right, or directly by clicking here: www.MWflyna.com

For lots of photos of installed engines, visit this page of their website.